3d Car

Before baking the cake, you will need to make the wheels for the car, and cover the cake board with fondant and allow to dry. Make the wheels using gumpaste or fondant using a cookie cutter and black fondant.

Bake an oval cake in a 3 inch high tin, using collars to make the cake higher. The size of the oval tin, will depend on the number of servings you need and how big you actually want the car to be, i used a 11 by 14 inch, and baked a Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.
Once the cake is completely cool, cut the sides as shown in the picture on the left. Stick the pieces on top of the cake with ganache to form the roof of the car. Trim all the sharp edges to give the cake the shape of the car. Use a serrated knife.
Using a round cookie cutter cut out the space for the wheels. (Wheels need to be made in fondant a few days in advance using a slightly smaller cookie cutter)

Cover entire cake in ganache or butter cream and smooth. Using a balling tool, mark an indentation at the font of the car, this will be the mouth ; )




Cover cake in fondant, using a smaller cookie cutter than previously cut out the fondant where the hole for the wheels is and fold in the remaining fondant into the wheel well. Using the balling tool once again, push the fondant into the indentation you made earlier.
Add wheels
  • Add other trims, made out in fondant, and or gumpaste. Finish by adding some lettering and trimming the board with ribbon.


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